Create wonders with our unique
Escort Website Builder!

Create effortless amazing websites as an escort or escort agency with the no1 escort website builder tool!

Website Builder

Design with an intuitive UI with a drag & drop form builder to get your frontend needs met quickly!

Free Setup in 15 minutes

You can have your escort website online within 15 minutes. You don’t need any knowledge to create the website!

Mobile Friendly

Your website will work perfectly on any device. All the templates we offer are 100% mobile friendly!

Marketing Tools

On the backend of our website builder you will find a full suite for the marketing of your website!

Perform Wonders On Your Site Using

Easily create amazing Escort Websites & Escort Agency Websites that earns you money by offering paid premium content to registered users.

Photo & Video Galleries Photo & Video Galleries

You can upload as many photos and videos for your escorts as you want!

Newsletter & Blog Newsletter & Blog

Keep your customers updated for anything you want with the Newsletter & Blog feature.

Free or Premium Free or Premium

As a Premium user you get a free .com domain, ads free template and many unique features

Content Restriction Content Restriction

Restrict content menu by user roles. Edit content availability subscription pack-wise.

Few words about EscortSites
The best Escort Website Builder!

Are you an independent escort or escort agency? Struggling with marketing and increasing your client inquiries? It’s never been easier to build an escort site with our professional and responsive escort site builder! And it’s FREE! Our Free Escort Site platform delivers excellent features to you which will allow you to manage your escort website in a few easy steps. Crafting an escort website is a matter of 15 minutes with us, no tech-savviness necessary! No technical skills are required!

Take control of your content: from text addition to photo uploads and beyond. Design escort site from several templates and select the layout you prefer. The process of building an escort website with our dedicated and responsive team couldn’t be simpler. And the best part? It’s absolutely free! We don’t impose any fees! We don´t charge any fee. Don’t wait; swiftly secure the best free escort website in the business. Outshine your competitors and make stunning portfolio for your business!

EscortSites Features List

Frontend Features
Escort or Agency site
Photo & Video Galleries
City Tours
Watermark Photos & Videos
Manage Users List
Other Features
Drag & Drop Design
Free Themes
Mobile Friendly
Marketing Tools
Escort Directory Submissions
SMS Notifications
Traffic Analysis
SEO – Search Engine Optimization
About Server
Free Web Hosting
Free SSL Encryption
Free domain name (10+ options)
Worldwide Data Centers
Weekly / Daily Backups
Earn money from referrals

Create & Manage Website

As an escort, why do i need a website?

Today, 91% of users look online to search for services or anything they need, and 84% view a business with a website as more credible. Owning a website is crucial for escorts and agencies in order to gain credibility and get found by both new and existing customers. With, we provide the tools to publish your online presence as fast as possible.

Our support team is here to help you through our HelpDesk or you can easily use the forum to contact with our support team and other users.

Do I need a domain name? How do I get custom email address?

Do I need a domain name?

That depends on your preference. As a free user on EscortSites you get a free domain like “”. Of course, the best option is to get a real domain instead of a subdomain. A real domain looks like “”. To get a real domain you need to choose one of our paid plans and you will get for free a real domain and real email address with it.

A custom domain name can make your website look professional online. It builds your brand, makes your website more memorable, and helps visitors find you online. With EscortSites, you can start with a free website subdomain or your can pick a paid plan that includes a professional custom domain name at no additional charge!

With EscortSites you can rest assure that you will always get on time domain renewals without a hassle.

How do I get custom email address?

With each paid plan you get a free domain that comes with an e-mail address of your choice. You can have as many e-mail addresses as you want. So, if you get the domain, then you can get emails like, etc.

How do I make my website mobile friendly?

Globally, 62% of users access the internet using a mobile phone, which means having a mobile-friendly website is key for reaching potential visitors. Mobile-friendliness is also a crucial aspect of SEO. That’s why all websites made with are responsive, which means they are automatically optimized for both mobile and desktop devices!

Your EscortSites website will provide website visitors with an amazing user experience, whether they’re viewing your website on their phones or on a computer.

How does my website get found on Google?

Earning a top ranking on Google’s results pages can significantly increase your website traffic and strengthen your business. has SEO (search engine optimization) tools to help get your website found on Google and other search engines. Explore simple one-click mobile optimization, a site map generator, and the ability to employ on-page SEO techniques like image titles and content keywords.

How easy is it to make a website? Can I make a website without knowing how to code?

Using is the easiest way to make an escort website or an agency website! Our tools provide the freedom to create your free website without any design or coding knowledge. You can even create your entire website, from start to finish, right from a mobile device! Just start with a pre-made layout, add your own website content, and click publish to get your responsive website online. Need a hand? Our team of designers offer design services to help you craft your website on the editor, so you can have total control of your website after your design is complete.

How to make a site for free?

How to make a site for free?

With a free plan, you’ll have all the tools to set up your online site right away. You have the option to add advanced functionality and marketing features as your business expands.

Here are the steps to make an online store for free with our tools:

  1. Sign up for a plan.
  2. Open the Dashboard in the website builder.
  3. Add your personal details (contact info, rates, city tours).
  4. Upload photos and videos on your galleries.
  5. Setup your newsletter list, create your first blog post (if needed)
  6. Promote your site with advanced SEO and marketing features as your business grows.


Can someone make a website for me?

The website builder is easy to use, and is great for a DIY approach. If you would rather have someone create your website for you, we can take care of it! Our EscortSites designers offer web design and marketing services so you can focus on your business.

Custom Services

Your website will be published on the website builder, allowing you to easily make future tweaks to your design at no additional design charge. Or, feel free to reach out to our team if you need design services after launch.

Contact EscortSites

You can contact us throught live chat or just open a ticket on the HelpDesk using the Contact form

How does your money back guarantee work?

We want you to feel confident when you subscribe to our yearly plan, so we offer a 30-day money back guarantee. If for any reason you’re not completely satisfied with our service, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our customer support team within 30 days of signing up. We’ll be happy to process a refund of your service fees (minus any setup fees and domain registration costs) and make sure you’re taken care of.

Money back guarantee applies on the 6 and 12 months plans.

Money back guarantee details offers a 30-day money-back guarantee on your Services fee on your purchase of a 6 & 12 months plans. Our money-back guarantee is not available to customers who sign up on monthly and three months plans.

Policy: Under this policy, if for any reason you are not satisfied with our Services, you may cancel your account within thirty (30) calendar days from the date you first purchased your plan from EscortSites and we will refund 100% of your first monthly Services fee, subject to the below terms.

IMPORTANT: Our money-back guarantee only applies to your Services fee minus the: Setup fees, SSL fees & domain registration fees.

Since those services are paid on 3d parties, we can’t get them back, so we can’t return them to customers.

Eligibility: In order to be eligible to take advantage of this policy, you must: 

(1) Be a paying EscortSites customer signed up on a 6/12 months plan; 

(2) Not previously have received any money-back guarantee offered by EscortSites; 

(3) At all times while you were signed up on a 6 / 12 months plans have abided by our Terms and Conditions and related policies, including our Privacy Policy, our acceptable use policy, and any carrier policies; and

How to Take Advantage of our 30-day money-back guarantee: To take advantage of this policy, you must contact us via our online chat function or by opening a ticket within thirty (30) calendar days from the date you first purchased your paid plan.You must provide all the information we might request and state that you wish to cancel your account, and get your refund under this policy. EscortSites may require some type of verification to make sure that the person who requests the refund is the real owner of the WebSite.

Cancellation and Refund Process: If EscortSites determines that you are eligible to take advantage of this policy and that all requirements of this policy have been met, your account will be canceled and a refund equal to the amount of your paid Services fee will be issued using the same payment method you used for paying the Services. 

General Policies: EscortSites reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to suspend or cancel this offer at any time. EscortSites reserves the right to offset any refund amount by an amount equal to unpaid additional fees charged by us or third parties outstanding at the time of the cancellation and refund request. EscortSites is not responsible for delays in refunds due to financial institution or credit card processor policies, delays, or closures, or due to inaccurate personal or billing information as such may be provided by the customer or otherwise inputted and maintained in our systems by EscortSites. 

How to avoid being a victim of phishing attacks

Phishing is when someone tries to get hold of your login details, so they can hack into your account. You must remain vigilant to such attempts and never give out your password in full, regardless of who is asking for it or how they are asking you to supply it.

If in doubt, just ask us if the message you received or website url is genuine.

Things to watch out for:

  • SMS Messages – we will never ask you for anything via SMS
  • Emails asking for your password or other verification details.  All verification details can be supplied via the Site, there is no need to email anything to anyone.
  • We never use the Site’s internal email system to correspond with you, especially not asking you to contact an external email address.  
  • Always check the URL to the Site you are on is correct. E.G. Never anything that looks like it, but isn’t exactly that.
  • We never ask for payment to access or recover your account.
  • Using the same passwords and nicknames on different sites – This is a bad idea, unscrupulous webmasters use your details on those sites to log in to EscortSites.


FlexePIN – What is it, how to use it, where to get it

FlexePIN Prepaid Card

What is FlexePin?

Flexepin is a pre-paid cash voucher that allows users to top-up existing accounts to shop online without the need for a credit or debit card. Making online purchases with Flexepin reduces the threat of online fraud as no personal or financial information is requested or saved online. You can purchase Flexepin vouchers online and at a variety of physical locations globally through trusted retailers.

How to use FlexePin to pay my order on

Once you choose to continue as premium user, one the next page you will see this (look below). Here, you must click FlexePIN and enter your 16 digits flexepin code. Your flexepin balance must be equal or bigger than the order’s amount. In case that your flexepin balance is greater than the order’s total, the order will get paid and the leftover money of flexepin will get added as available balance on your balance.

Keep in mind that you can use the top up feature of wallet. By using the top up feature you can use as many flexepin cards you want to create exactly the balance you want on the account. In this case you will use your wallet balance to pay for your orders.

How to buy FlexePIN online?

We suggest you to buy your flexepin card from – one of the most reliable online card sellers.

  • Once you enter the page you choose the amount you need (10, 20, 30, 50 or 100) and you add the product to your cart. On the next page you have to enter your e-mail address. Make sure you write your e-mail correctly because you will receive your 16pin code of the card there.
  • Finally, you have to enter your personal details (we don’t have access to the data you enter on dundle) and choose the payment method you prefer. We suggest our users to use dundle because they accept 70 different payment methods worldwide. Some of them are VISA, Mastercard, Paypal, Bitcoin, Cryptocurrencies, Apple Pay and others

Once you complete your payment you will receive an email with a link that says “Show online”. Be clicking this you will get redirected to a page where you will see your 16pin card code. Please, make sure you click to see the code within 15 minutes of your order, otherwise your money will be refunded and you will have to start over your order.

NOTICE: Make sure you buy the right flexepin card currency.



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