How to avoid being a victim of phishing attacks

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How to avoid being a victim of phishing attacks

Phishing is when someone tries to get hold of your login details, so they can hack into your account. You must remain vigilant to such attempts and never give out your password in full, regardless of who is asking for it or how they are asking you to supply it.

If in doubt, just ask us if the message you received or website url is genuine.

Things to watch out for:

  • SMS Messages – we will never ask you for anything via SMS
  • Emails asking for your password or other verification details.  All verification details can be supplied via the Site, there is no need to email anything to anyone.
  • We never use the Site’s internal email system to correspond with you, especially not asking you to contact an external email address.  
  • Always check the URL to the Site you are on is correct. E.G. Never anything that looks like it, but isn’t exactly that.
  • We never ask for payment to access or recover your account.
  • Using the same passwords and nicknames on different sites – This is a bad idea, unscrupulous webmasters use your details on those sites to log in to EscortSites.
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